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Print Buyers Beware: where has all the printer’s paper gone?

The long and the short of printers paper shortages. In case you haven’t been affected by it yet, printers paper is in short supply. This troublesome fact is good to know, because before you get too far planning an upcoming…

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Digital print has sure grown up

Digital print has changed. Once the stepchild of offset printing, turned to only for quickie short-run jobs, today it offers a slew of capabilities that meet and at times exceed those of some offset printing presses. For example, a digital web…

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Why printing companies are adopting G7

G7 as it relates to printing companies and buyers A few years ago, I wrote a Newsletter called “Why G7 matters when shopping for commercial printing services” on the important subject of G7, which helps printing companies deliver a repeatable…

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Business travel is flying high

According to the Global Business Travel Association, business travel volume is expected to increase over the next two years. This prediction is based on the fact that the U.S. economy continues to improve. That’s good news for everyone, because the…

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Event planning doesn’t have to be maddening

Event planning is maddening, but help is on the way If you are event planning, did you know that ‘Event Coordinator’ was recently ranked as one of the most stressful jobs for 2015 by website recruiter CareerCast? If you’re in that…

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The touchy-feely side of marketing direct mail

Marketing direct mail – don’t count it out Digital is all well and good, but it doesn’t necessarily replace the touch and feel of real-life marketing direct mail. Think of it this way: would you rather eat a thick juicy…

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Direct mail marketing undeliverable mailings

Do your direct mail marketing mailers come back labeled UAA? Many direct mail marketing materials are returned because they don’t have the exact address information needed in order for them to be delivered. If there’s even the smallest mistake, they wind…

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Marketing trade shows, relevant or passé

Marketing trade shows rock on, they really do No one would deny that technology is here to stay. Especially when it comes to marketing and sales. But so are marketing trade shows. They’re not going anywhere, and with good reason. The…

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Brand Identity Information – is it easy to find?

Promoting your brand identity delivered effectively One of the biggest tasks of marketers is to help customers get and find information that promotes their brand identity. Imagine if you knew the most effective ways to do this? Well, you’re going…

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Make trade show marketing work for you

Making your trade show marketing work for you is an important part of B-to-B marketing strategy for many companies. In fact, about 18% to 25% of a typical B-to-B marketing budget is allocated to exhibiting at trade shows. But just setting up a booth…

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