Fulfillment Solutions

Fulfillment1Take advantage of our hassle-free, quick, easy to use online fulfillment solutions

On-demand print, mailing and fulfillment solutions are one of the fastest growing sectors of Ferrante & Associates’ business. Whether you ask us to handle just the creative development and printing of your project, or take the process further and develop an overall e-commerce fulfillment solution, you can always count on us for careful management of your marketing materials. Our full service facilities provide the  attention to detail you need, to make sure marketing materials ship on the exact date required. We’ll handle all the components and the time-consuming but critical communications among all components so that each is prepared on schedule and in budget. With our attention to detail and emphasis on keeping our clients in the information loop, we are a perfect partner. Do you need a direct mail piece printed and mailed yesterday? Or maybe a one-time machine insertion? A hand-assembled on-demand program? A complete real time internet-based fulfillment program? We can help.

Warehousing Services

Traditional warehousing can be costly in time and space. Just-in-time systems equipped with analytical custom reports can speed product delivery directly from suppliers to vendors or consumers. Creative use of the supply chain and delivery systems can save time and expense. Look to Ferrante & Associates to develop and manage automated warehousing and logistics functions, including:

  • Custom printing solutions
  • Customized 24/7 reporting
  • Monitoring product levels
  • Collateral and promo item request tracking
  • Storage management
  • Order preparation/Picking/Kitting
  • Shipping
  • Domestic and international

Distribution Centers

After your materials have been printed, where would you like them to go? We can manage that process for you. We’ll even set up programs to track inventory, arrange distribution, and provide you with reports via customized web interfaces. Many of our direct mail clients have us print their materials in bulk to save costs and then store the materials for later use. Others prefer for us to print on-demand, especially when messaging and specifications are evolving and obsolete materials are to be avoided. The Ferrante & Associates proprietary client web portal system allows you to monitor product levels, re-order inventory, authorize shipments and track them to their destination.