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digital_printing_solutionsDigital printing solutions can help. Do you continually have cartons of obsolete printed materials?

Digital printing solutions offer fast turnaround and quality print in low qualities, saving time and money. Most businesses today need the ability to digitally print on-demand collateral and promotional materials, due to frequent changes in their content and imagery. Today’s advances in technology produce digitally printed materials looking as if they were printed offset. Today you can create digitally printed personalized targeted messages that speak directly to the recipient. Digital printing solutions give you the tools to develop short run one-to-one marketing campaigns where you can change both the text and images to speak directly to your prospect. Digital printing is also ideal for short run covers, textbooks, software documentation, manuals production and personalized packaging promotions.

Digital Printing On Demand offers:

  • Smaller quantity orders
  • Reduced inventories and obsolescence
  • Streamlined inline folding, collation and finishing operations
  • Faster delivery times
  • Targeted messaging
  • Cost savings

At Ferrante & Associates we offer a full range of digital printing solutions for most applications. Today’s newer digital printing presses with their improved quality results can offer quantities as low as 10. And the HP 200 web press can print millions!