Going Green – What Does It Mean for Your Company?

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As part of their visible commitment to sustainability, businesses and organizations have begun incorporating “eco-friendly green” best practices – by increasing recycling efforts and conserving energy in manufacturing, they’re able to offer eco-friendly printed materials and eco-friendly packaging to make a difference. Another way companies lower their impact on the environment is by becoming more careful about the volume and kind of paper they use, especially for very large marketing projects and those that carry an environmental or socially responsible message.

As the public’s attention and concern expands and intensifies toward the state of the environment, many companies want to demonstrate that they are utilizing products which have a reduced impact on the ecosystem

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified papers, for example, offer marketers many exciting options to achieve eco-friendly paper, efficient and effective printing while still protecting the working forests of the world, which in turn helps ensure that communities and wildlife dependent on these resources will have them in the future.

When you need to meet environmental requirements, please let us know.

When you call us, we’ll talk about your project and will make recommendations about choosing papers that meet environmental requirements as well as offering print production on equipment that is certified to be “eco-friendly.” In short, we’ll help you to meet your own internal targets and at the same time demonstrate a respect for the earth’s resources.

(Thank you to Mohawk Fine Papers for supplying some of this information.)