Brand Identity Information – is it easy to find?

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One of the biggest tasks of marketers is to help customers get and find information that promotes their brand identity. Imagine if you knew the most effective ways to do this? Well, you’re going to learn about some of them that came up in two recent surveys conducted on this very subject.

These studies point to what you as a brand marketer need to know about the best ways in which your customers and prospects want to receive and search for information that promotes your brand identity. This is important to know because when your customers get and find it in ways they prefer, you’re assured of informing them, not turning them off. You will no doubt find the information from these surveys enlightening as well as helpful in your continuous quest to inform and sell your customers.

Building brand identity information: how do your customers want to receive it?


You need to get information that promotes your brand identity out to customers. Do you know the best ways to do that? I ran across a recent survey conducted by MarketingSherpa, a Florida-based research firm specializing in tracking what works in marketing.

MarketingSherpa commissioned an online survey in mid-2015 with a nationally representative sample of US consumers. In it, consumers were asked, “In which of the following ways, if any, would you prefer to receive regular updates and promotions from companies that you are interested in doing business with? Please select all the choices that apply.”

The survey found that the number one preferred way in which consumers want to receive regular updates and promotions is in the form of emails from company websites to which they subscribe. That number was 60%. Receiving brand identity information in the mail came in a close second at 54%. Down at the bottom of the list were following on social media, downloading a mobile app, and attending local events. They came in at 17%, 15% and 9%, respectively.

Brand identity information: how do your customers find it?

Asking for and getting information that promotes your brand identity is one thing. But what about the most effective ways in which customers search for it? For information on this, I consulted another survey. This one, conducted by the Local Search Association, produced some interesting findings.

Respondents were asked, “When you are searching for a local business, product or service, how likely would you be to consult sources such as search engines, company website, print or digital yellow pages, daily deals, social media, phone apps, etc.” Respondents answered on a scale of zero to five, with five meaning “extremely likely.” The data I am about to share show the sources people that responded to with a “five.”

Here are the survey results: Nearly 65% answered search engines. Next came company websites at 50%. Mobile, and yellow pages, both print and digital, all registered between 33-36%. As for the remaining choices, they all polled from 30% down to 18%.

Each survey said plenty

Try to remember the findings from these two surveys the next time you are thinking about getting information out to customers to promote your brand identity. Then, carefully plan how to get that information out to them in the most effective ways possible. Also remember how they go about finding brand identity information, and make sure that it’s available to them at all those sources.


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