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Web_2_Printi_Online_ProgramsOnline fulfillment 24/7 to handle all your printing and marketing material requests

Our customized online web-based printing and fulfillment programs can dramatically lower costs and reduce marketing collateral waste – and they even have the ability to convert your literature cost center into a profit center! Let’s talk about automating the kind of ongoing programs that, although important, frequently tend to interrupt your work flow and require attention and action when you have more pressing things to do. With our custom web-based solutions, you and your staff can focus on other priorities and still satisfy the needs of those who rely on you for support.

Here’s how it works: drawing from our web-based technologies and a coterie of reliable third-party sources, we develop custom programs that meet the ongoing challenges of getting the most up-to-date sales and marketing collateral, product samples, training materials and packaged programs – including translated collateral—into the hands of your intended audiences, dealers/distributors and overseas offices with greater efficiency, economy and accountability.

Benefits of a printing and fulfillment program include

  • Improve efficiency, reduce waste, lower costs
  • Streamline printing, and fulfillment and delivery processes
  • Provide customers and sales channels with the most up-to-date collateral and training materials in just the quantities they need
  • Contain costs by eliminating print overruns and obsolete literature
  • Manage branding across multiple divisions and international offices
  • Support international customers/offices/distributors 24/7
  • Achieve full visibility of program costs and activities for ROI and forecasting with comprehensive, available-on-demand reporting tools
  • Reduce the time and cost of program administration

A few examples of the types of companies and organizations that find our services most useful and cost-effective

  • An international and/or multi-division corporation with a vast network of dealers/distributors to support with marketing/sales materials
  • A pharmaceutical or medical equipment company that supplies marketing and training support materials or samples to hospitals and physicians
  • A trade association looking to add more value to member benefits in order to build and maintain membership