Large Format File Formula

Preparing Files for Printing Ink Jet Technology

When placing scanned or created RASTER files, please be certain that resulting megabyte file size conforms as closely as possible to the following large format printing formula belows: Note: file sizes stated below always refer to file size when the file is in RGB mode. If the file is in CYMK mode add 25% to the MBs. IMPORTANT: Do not take an existing low or medium resolution file and increase the file size in Photoshop. This will yield a highly pixilated image.

File formula for large format printing


Length (inches) x width (inches) divided by resolution factor = file size in megabytes.
  • Inkjet: L x W divided by 36 = MB
  • Fabric graphic: L x W divided by 100 = MB
  • Lambda: L x W divided by 10 = MB ( for images with type and sharp curves )
  • L x W divided by 32 = MB (very good quality)
  • Vutek L X W divided by 288 = MB (for viewing distance of 1 to 15 feet) Low quality printer.

These resolutions are appropriate for most jobs requiring a high degree of sharpness, i.e. photos with fine type, sharp curves and critical image detail. Images that are soft and generic require lower resolution.

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