Multichannel marketing solutions

Multichannel MarketingAre you taking full advantage of today’s multichannel marketing solutions?

Have you ever thought about connecting with your targeted audience using multichannel marketing? If you haven’t it’s kinda like marketing on steroids.

Not that long ago, that connection was doubtful. However, as we move deeper into the 21st century and more and more people spend time online, marketers are working hard to create new ways to reach them. Fortunately, a growing number of printers are joining in by developing cross-channel marketing programs that bridge the gap between traditional direct mail and digital advertising campaigns.

Think big with multichannel marketinHere are some of the ways progressive printers are making the connection—

Some print suppliers today can help you build and maintain a comprehensive database of your customers and clients. This list can and should contain everything you need to connect to them—email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts, purchasing habits and more. Starting with information you have on your targeted audience, and with the help of a print supplier that specializes in data, you’ll be able to create an effective marketing campaign using variable data printing. This sends out highly personalized direct mailers to relevant customers, taking advantage of the unique and powerful strengths of print and digital multichannel marketing.

Speaking of personalization, a tech-savvy printer can help you add personalized URLs, called PURLs, into your offline-online marketing programs. PURLs are designed to send your customers to customized landing pages or microsites built specifically for them. These custom sites can include e-commerce product pages tailored to each customer’s purchasing history, mailing list sign-ups or custom coupon codes for future orders. When you connect the content and design of your PURLs to your printed direct mailers, your campaigns bridge the realms of offline-online marketing. Your message gets home to your customers much more effectively.

There may be more information than ever for you to get your hands around, but today’s technologies make it easy for you to make the best use of it all. That’s because PURLs and other technologies like QR codes and augmented reality make it easy for you to measure customer traffic with the use of analytics programs. Using this type of information, you can craft future marketing campaigns, whether online or offline, based on past results. This degree of control also extends to direct mail campaigns. Knowing that one version of a direct mail piece was more successful than another by tracking each separately gives you the data necessary to drive your marketing cost-per-conversion to levels that you never thought possible.

The best part of all this is that with the help of a forward-thinking multi channel printer, you can bridge the gap between online digital marketing and offline print marketing, reaping the many rewards that come from combining the two.

Take it from me as someone who has been deeply involved in the printing industry for quite some time, the overall effectiveness of offline print marketing and online digital marketing will continue to improve. You’ll then have many more great ways to save money, improve customer service, and increase cross-selling opportunities.

If the connection between the two excites you as much as it does me, please connect with me; I welcome the opportunity to share more of my thoughts on this incredible subject with you!


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