Use direct mail services to drive prospects to your company’s website

Direct_Mail_leads_To_websiteDirect mail services can pave the way to your website

If you want to build your online business, it’s essential to use direct mail services to drive prospects to your website. It’s been shown that the combination of direct mail with an online presence is what’s needed to pack a powerful one-two marketing punch.

In Google we trust

With all the talk about online marketing you’d think that direct mail services are dead and gone. But they’re not. If you don’t believe me, how about putting your trust in Google? Google routinely mails out (as in snail mail) direct mail pieces offering prospects $100 worth of free PPC advertising. By going with direct mail services Google is able to reach a different audience than it does with its online programs. And its efforts pay off because people are more likely to read physical mail than email. People also tend to put more trust in information received in the mail.

Text4Use direct mail services to bolster your online business

here are six things your direct mail pieces must do to attract visitors to your site—

First and foremost, you must have an intriguing message if you want to have a greater chance of getting folks to visit your website. Your message doesn’t have to be long-winded, either. All you need is a punchy headline that grabs the recipient’s attention and an offer that promises them a benefit. Then you must give them a powerful reason to go to your site. It could be a valuable coupon or a free informative report. Whatever it is, make sure it compels them to take the action you want.

Calling all plain and simple calls to action

The call to action on your direct mail pieces is equally important. It must be clear and to the point. And remember, the goal of the direct mail piece is to get folks to your website, so don’t beat around the bush. Make it plain and simple for them, and that includes making it super easy to find your web address. If you make it too difficult for people, they’ll drop your direct mail piece in the trash and quickly forget it and your company.

URLs need to be short and sweet, and memorable

Once they’ve found your web address, make sure your URL is easy to remember and type into their browser. After all, they won’t be clicking on a link to get to your site, so make it short and sweet, and memorable (especially if they’re not next to their computer when they’re reading your direct mail piece).

Name, rank and serial number

Once you get prospects to your website, you need to capture their contact information. To get this valuable data you need to get them to opt in. But they won’t do it unless you give them a very good reason. To help you come up with one, remember what was discussed earlier about giving them a powerful reason to go to your site. It could be a valuable coupon or a free informative report. Whatever it is, make sure it compels them to take the action you want. Oh, and please keep your opt-in page brief and to the point with simple-to-follow directions on how to opt in.

Your sales page needs to seal the deal

Now that they’ve opted in and arrived at your sales page, make sure it’s attractive, interesting and easy-to-read, with loads of benefits that can be seen at a glance. Doing all this gives you the best shot of getting them to read your sales pitch, watch your video, download your free report or whatever it is you’re offering them for their contact information and their time.

Make them go hand-and-hand

You’ve come this far, don’t blow it with inconsistent branding and messaging. All the pieces in your marketing campaign, off- and online, should coordinate with one another and present one clear message and call to action. The tone and language of each should be the same— humorous-humorous, serious-serious, you get it. The look of each should be similar, too. And, the all-important offer and call to action should be in sync across each and every piece of your campaign. With all the elements in place and working together, you’ll boost the chances of getting the response you want.


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