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Niche Marketing will provide greater results.

Competitive_Advantage“Oh, how I wish marketing my business and brand were simple” is an all too common wish of company owners and managers. Of course it’s difficult. Important matters such as marketing are difficult. I can’t make things super-simple for you, but I can give you some new ways to think about how to market your business and brand. One of them is Niche Marketing.

Benefits of Niche Marketing with print and digital.

Before we delve into the benefits of Niche Marketing, let’s look at what’s happening with marketing in general. Whether we like it or not, marketing has dramatically changed over the past twenty years or so. Basically, it’s gone from a process of focusing on getting your message out on printed materials to one that is chock-full of new and confusing cross-media content delivery options.

As perplexing as these digital options are, a lot of folks think that they are replacing print; just like all of those people sixty years ago thought movies were being usurped by the latest and greatest medium, television. Not so then, and not so now. The key is to put both—print and digital—to good use as complementary media. Now let’s find some prospects to talk to with ink on paper and pixels on screens…

How Niche Marketing helps garner greater results.

In marketing as in other arenas, smaller can be better. One of the more effective ways to go small in marketing is by going after niche markets. Choosing a niche market permits you to dominate it. When you do, you automatically become the recognized authority in your field—and suddenly people turn to you as an expert, as well as for sales!

  • Big companies get big results with niche marketing. Many of the largest corporations target carefully pinpointed market segments to maximize the effectiveness of their advertising programs. Large companies favor niche marketing for a host of reasons. One reason is that it’s an extremely cost-effective way to go after important market segments. When you spend your marketing budget on one group as opposed to many, you can advertise with greater frequency or use a more comprehensive media mix (think cross-media content delivery options). So you can see the benefits of niche marketing come in many forms.
  • Go niche, but go slow and go smart. It may sound counter-intuitive but one sound way to grow your company’s customer base is to target a niche market, then expand into other markets. To do so in the most advantageous manner, remember the advice below—
  • Always think things through. Before you move ahead with a campaign, assess the direct competitors you’ll find in the new market niche and determine how you will position yourself against them.

Print is still a viable path to take.

Face facts: print costs more, whether you’re aiming at a niche market or not. But focusing solely on the cost of print is not the most prudent thing to do. Don’t just look at which medium—print or digital—costs less. Ask yourself, which is a more effective means to target your audience and get more results? And the answer to that question is print. Print stands out in the crowded field of electronic communications. In survey after survey, it’s been proven that people trust the printed word far more than they do its digital counterpart. Print is also more direct and easier to distribute, and its physicality makes it more tangible, real and, perhaps best of all, more believable.

Not all printing services are equal.

With so many changes in marketing and in printing, it’s important to choose a provider of printing services carefully. Find one with a thorough knowledge of today’s printing technologies who can act as your print partner. Partnering works out especially well if you don’t have the time or expertise to get the most out of advances in print technology.


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