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Get More Personal With Your Customers using (PURLs) personalized URLs

iStock_000017066890XSmallPURLs or personalized URLs offer businesses countless benefits. Relevancy is at the top of the list. PURLs give you the ability to provide your prospects with direct mail and email marketing messages that are relevant to them and them alone. It’s far more effective than just inundating the masses with messages that aren’t meaningful to most of the recipients. Sending out personalized mail with relevant content to folks who have an interest in what you have to say and sell enables your message to stand out and be more effective.

How effective can a personalized URLs be? Read on.

Improved response rates are a given with PURLs. Why settle for the 1 or 2 percent rates that are gained by a typical direct mail campaign, when by combining it with a PURL (personalized URL), you can enjoy substantially higher rates? How much higher? Increases of 33 to 100 per cent are not out of the question. Which is why virtually all best-in-class companies employ personalization techniques in their marketing. Coded BRCs, special toll-free phone numbers and other “old school” forms of tracking codes only let you track people with some interest in what you have to sell. What about all the tire kickers? With properly developed and executed PURLs,  you have the capability to conduct real-time tracking that not only lets you know who they are, but that also let you prod them into buying. Personalized URLs also provide you with the ability to have a one-to-one marketing dialogue with your prospects. This helps foster the trust and confidence necessary to elicit more personal information about prospects that you can use in future marketing efforts. Perhaps best of all, PURLs allow you the opportunity to combine the personalization advantages of variable data printing with the speed and ease of the Internet. With this best-of-both-worlds approach that PURLs offer, you can realize the benefits that come with the seamless integration of your direct mail, email and web marketing.

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