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Basic RGBPersonalized direct mail marketing made easy and effective with pURLs

pURLs are a godsend to marketers because they offer another layer of personalized direct mail. In case you have not had the pleasure to learn about or use them, pURLs—Personalized URLs—are personalized landing pages that enable marketers to significantly boost their return on investment and precisely track who visits their websites.

Implementing a (pURL) personalized direct mail campaign
is as easy as 1,2,3,4,5,6

  1. An individual or business is sent a personalized direct mail piece with a pURL directing them to log onto a personalized landing page. It has been shown that getting a personalized piece of mail really piques a person’s interest.
  2. Next, the person logs on to his or her pURL.
  3. Once they get there, they are asked to complete a registration, fill out a survey (preferably short), and then they are sent a tailored, relevant response with, ideally, an enticing offer. This step provides marketers with a foolproof way to collect incredibly valuable information about each and every visitor.
  4. The lead that is created is then forwarded via email to a designated follow-up person in the marketer’s company.
  5. A “thanks for your interest” email is automatically sent to the prospect with additional information.
  6. The marketer who initiated the campaign receives a comprehensive report with statistics regarding the success of the highly personalized marketing effort.

What could be a more effective way for marketers to get qualified leads than implementing a personalized direct mail campaign with pURLs? By getting personal with prospects, it is not message dissemination anymore; it is a conversation! And it is tough for prospects to ignore someone who is having a meaningful one-to-one discussion with them.

The benefits from utilizing pURLs abound

If you put pURLs to work in your next marketing campaign, you will:

  • See response rates rise 3 to 5 times through relevant messaging.
  • Have the ability to track responses in real time, and to receive email alerts that enable you to instantly follow up with interested prospects.
  • Engage customers at a deeper level by collecting valuable information from them, and use that data to make future campaigns even more relevant.
  • Enjoy increases in revenue, growth and market share.
  • Benefit from enhanced lead generation, and strengthened customer loyalty and retention

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