Large format printing in the sustainability debate

Large format printing

The concept of sustainability, both on the environmental and economic level, has been successfully embedded in how the large format printing industry conducts itself. Okay, you’re probably asking yourself how can ink, plastic, paper and the like help with sustainability? But they really can. In fact, large format printers are more than doing their part to preserve the planet while helping their clients produce more sales. They’re doing their part by standing squarely behind the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), an independent, non-profit organization providing a certification label for sustainability in the graphic communications industry. SGP is the industry standard for the certification and continuous improvement of sustainability and best practices within print manufacturing operations.

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SGP Certifying sustainability in the graphic communications industry.

Ways that large format printers are doing their part.

Many of today’s large format printing facilities are utilizing environmentally sound practices such as safe organic inks and reusable papers in an effort to make output recyclable. It’s a fact; large format printers are making a difference by using UV curing latex and aqueous inks. The large format printing industry is also helping by sourcing naturally biodegradable paper responsibly from protected forests. This is being accomplished because more and more paper companies are harvesting from re-afforested parts of forests, leaving more of the natural forests untouched. Paper materials are also being recycled and reused in paperwork, helping to reduce waste. And the same is being done with plastic papers.

Good for the earth, and good for your business.

Your company stands to gain advantages over competitors if you incorporate eco-friendly products into your marketing mix. Think about it this way: the major tenet of the sustainability movement is efficiency. By choosing large format printers that stand by the SGP mission, your business will be able to reach its target market using minimal resources while maintaining quality. Incorporating sustainability practices into your marketing mix also translates into a positive brand name and image in the eyes of your customers, as well as a strong loyal customer base for your products and services.

It’s a win-win when you choose a large format printer that does its part.

Using many of today’s materials and manufacturing compatibilities, you can be environmentally responsible when you develop large format materials for your next event, trade show or retail displays. Plus, your message really stands out and is seen by more people, resulting in more sales. Make sure you speak with a vendor that makes sustainability a priority. The environment will thank you, and so will your bottom line.

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