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Annual fundraising variable data program

In fundraising, your success is only as good as your mailing list. That’s a fact. So when The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts embarked on a major fundraising initiative, it called uponcase_episcopal_annual05_pop Ferrante & Associates not only to develop the design and messaging for the two month program, but also to clean up the master database.


Data cleanup and developing a personalized variable data program

When developing a fundraising campaign, the more humanized it is the better. Your visual presentation and information accuracy is just as important as meeting your deadlines. The entries in the database we received were made over several years by many persons and contained a variety of inconsistencies and duplications. We merged/purged the entries, developed a consistent addressing standard and then verified the list with the Postal Service for accuracy, to minimize returns.

Concurrently, we incorporated personalized variable data content into our graphic design and printed all elements that would be mailed: brochure, letter, pledge card and return envelope. The entries were set up as a variable data printed program, so each recipient would receive data relevant to the customized data supplied.

Our task then was to print all project components, match mail each piece of now “squeaky-clean” data to the one-to-one elements and mail the program in split phases.


Making giving easy

The result was a successful personalized fundraising promotion, on time and on budget. The program was so successful that Ferrante & Associates was  invited to help develop the fundraising promotion the following year.