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Arranging conference materials needed in USA by overseas company

case_phacilitate_2_popWhen you’re an overseas organization planning a conference in the USA, locating a supplier with the experience and capabilities you need for a successful events is not that easy. Especially if your needs are to hold events in more than one major city in the USA.


Provide the exact services needed to match all conference elements

This UK-based client saw Ferrante & Associates only once a year but depended upon us to deliver a comprehensive set of support materials for their Vaccine and Gene Therapy forums, which attracted scientists from all over the world. Depending on their signup status, participants received a binder containing around 300 pages of material or alternatively, a smaller “day folder.”

To facilitate the process each year, we developed a production and pricing grid.  Prior to the event, the details of that year’s conference were reviewed to determine what materials needed to be produced and to develop a schedule. At a designated time, the client transferred files to the Ferrante server and provided any preprinted hand inserts. Then we developed the seminar binders, printing all materials, collating, assembling and delivering all the finished binders to the conference site on the day the client arrived from overseas. During the conference as additional materials were needed, we dedicated production resources exclusively to the conference so that everything would proceed in a timely manner.


Multiple local elements completed successfully

Whoever said that long distance relationships can’t be successful?