Web-to-print results in better managed print services

 Web-to-print as it relates to managed print services

Web-to-print is the practice of doing print business through websites. It enables commercial printers to communicate via the web with print buyers to manage functions such as submitting print jobs and performing online prepress reviews and previews. Web-to-print also lets printers and their customers design marketing materials of all types right on their computer screens. More importantly, it allows for direct cross media marketing through services such as variable data printing and on-demand printing. All of which gives marketers a means to more effectively manage their print services.

A web-to-print capability helps you increase efficiencies like never before

It’s easy to see why more and more enlightened print buyers and savvy print service providers are using the Internet in their purchasing and ongoing communications. Not only does it allow them to enhance the quality of their printed products.  When this capability is integrated with the ability to monitor a company’s printed inventory, it provides print buyers with a powerful tool to manage their print services on their terms and on their time.

Web_2_Print_programsYou’ll wonder how you managed without managed print services

With a customized web-to-print program in place, you can dramatically lower costs and reduce marketing collateral waste. When set up correctly, a web-to-print program can even turn your literature cost center into a profit center. A web-to-print program automates workflow, so companies can basically leave it to the program while they tend to other business matters. It also helps to print and place the most up-to-date sales and marketing collateral, product samples, training materials and packaged programs right in the hands of the intended audiences, including dealers, distributors and overseas offices. And it does all this with greater efficiency, economy and accountability. That’s why it’s a win/win/win!

Benefits of a web-to-print program—

  • Improve efficiency, reduce waste, lower costs
  • Streamline printing, fulfillment and delivery processes
  • Provide customers and sales channels with the most up-to-date collateral and training materials in just the quantities they need
  • Contain costs by eliminating print overruns and obsolete literature
  • Manage branding across multiple divisions and international offices
  • Support international customers/offices/distributors 24/7
  • Achieve full visibility of program costs and activities for ROI and forecasting with comprehensive on-demand reporting tools
  • Reduce the time and cost of program administration



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