Designing Display banners

Designing Display BannersHow to design effective display banners

Have you ever analyzed what makes your display banners effective in getting across your corporate message? Maybe not as carefully as you should, since you have so much on your plate as an event planner. Not to worry – because as a supplier of printed marketing materials for conferences I have done a lot of thinking on the subject, which I would love to share with you.

Break your banner into five sections

Let’s begin at the top. If you think as highly of your corporate logo as most exhibitors do, make sure it is placed high at the top of your display banner. And if you have a corporate theme or tagline, place it right under your logo at the eye level of attendees. In that position it is very likely to get noticed as they walk by or enter your booth area.

Just below your logo and tagline is a good place for some words. Not too many, because they will just make a mishmash of your display banner. Then attendees may not read and understand what you have to say, which defeats the purpose of exhibiting at the conference or event in the first place.

After the words, carefully consider any images you want to include on your display banner. Whatever you choose to show in terms of imagery, make sure it is of high quality—at a minimum 300 dpi and saved as CMYK ready for print. The better the quality, the better the chances your images will be seen and remembered.

Don’t forget to add a splash or two of color. The right colors will help your display banner to stand apart from the crowd. Colors should also be selected that make a connection to your corporate logo. Bright colors work best because they make it easier for the information on your banner to noticed, particularly from afar.

By this point what would you like attendees to do? Oh, that’s right, contact you! So be sure to add any contact details on the fifth and final section of your display banner—at the bottom. Details should offer visitors the best and easiest ways to contact you. They can include website, telephone number and email address, or any combination of these. Also consider adding your business address and a social media channel like Facebook or Twitter. Whatever contact details you choose, they all should be clear to read and easily found. Now you have achieved an effectively designed display banner!

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