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New Caregivers non profit program launch

Bay Path Elder Services is a nonprofit organization which has served 14 towns since 1977 in the Massachusetts metro area, providing programs for the elderly and their families.case_baypath_caregiver_pop For years, Ferrante & Associates designed and printed their Annual Report, so when the Caregivers program came up, we were asked to assist in developing materials.


Developed and implemented multiple non profit program materials

With the aging of America, as more and more people live into their 80s and 90s, adult children are pressed into service as caregivers, a task that requires balance with raising their own families and maintaining their careers. The Caregivers program emphasizes support, education, respite, information and training for those who are given the responsibility, often with little or no preparation, to care for a family member. Ferrante & Associates’ task was to conceptualize, write and design a series of materials that connect with caregivers and introduce them to this program.

The materials had to be empathetic to the issues, communicate the myriad of programs and services available to caregivers, and flexible in execution – as posters, postcards, brochures, etc.


Accomplished all campaign goals

Ferrante & Associates developed a strong integrated non profit program which proved very popular and helpful to those who must carry these heavy family burdens.