Cross media marketing programs are effective

What exactly are cross media
marketing programs?Cross_media_marketing

Cross media marketing programs are the results of a strategy that presents a compelling, consistent message to a target customer via a variety of media or channels over a specified span of time, providing businesses with customer results that can be acted upon to meet current and future needs.

Stats on cross media marketing programs that are worth knowing about.

Did you know that customers solicited with cross media marketing programs spend three to four times more than single-channel customers? That’s because such programs provide customers with choices as to how they wish to complete their purchases.

Cross media marketing programs escort potential customers towards the sale. In fact, studies have found that because of this, nearly three-quarters of consumers prefer cross media marketing programs when being solicited.

A recent report revealed that the most popular combinations used in cross media marketing programs were—

  • TV/Mobile
  • Computer/TV
  • Computer/Mobile
  • Radio/Mobile
  • Computer/Radio

As the number of channels continues to increase, taking advantage of cross media marketing programs is the best way to reap the rewards.

Here are several more selling channels that are gaining traction—

  • Direct Mail featuring personalized URLs (PURLs), which are designed to take recipients to your website, microsite or landing page
  • AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) ad extensions show extra information about your business, improving visibility and the return on your cross media marketing investments
  • Television hashtags drive conversions. One study found that TV ads with them had 42% more Tweets about the ads than those that didn’t have them.

Content_creation_StatsWhat businesses gain from cross media marketing programs

They gain a lot more exposure, because you get to knock on a lot more doors. And increased exposure means you’ll get more customers and brand recognition.

Customers get to use their favorite medium with cross media marketing programs. Remember the statistics I mentioned at the beginning of this blog? One stated that nearly three-quarters of consumers prefer cross media marketing programs when being solicited. And the other asserted that customers spend three to four times more with cross media marketing programs than with a single-channel approach.

Cross media gives you more touch points, which allow you to collect more data. This information can help you figure out where your promotions are most effective, so you can better measure their success and make any necessary adjustments to future campaigns and programs.

Cross media marketing programs are easier to manage than single-shot approaches. And better management makes it a lot easier to keep your company’s brand more consistent across multiple media.

Cross media marketing programs work! Here’s more proof from several recent studies—

  • Brand awareness is fueled 44% by print and 37% by online media. Incorporate both, and you’ve assured even higher results.
  • Marketers report an average improvement of 35% for multi-channel campaigns over single-channel campaigns.
  • There’s an average improvement of close to 50% for personalized multi-channel campaigns, which is something that’s easier to do when deploying a cross media marketing strategy.

Another huge benefit of a cross media marketing program is that it forces you to focus on the customer instead of on the product. Cross media marketing strategy is customer-centric. Once you gain a deeper and more profound understanding of your customers, you’ll possess the information that’s crucial for creating and providing effective cross media marketing programs.


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