What does web to print mean?

ProcurementWhy do I care about a web to print capability?

We’ve noticed that “Web to Print” and “Print on Demand” are used almost interchangeably. It almost should be “Web-to-Print-on-Demand!” That’s more to the point, but much too wordy.  Still, the connection cannot be denied. So let’s go on to discuss “Why I care…”
The WORLD is now 24/7/365. Companies from overseas can order our product or be our vendor partners. The internet is ALWAYS on (except when Comcast/Verizon/”Put your ISP name here” goes down… Which is a HUGE pain!). There is ALWAYS business being done somewhere in the world.  Why shouldn’t you use tools that are 24/7/365 and have access to the world?

Increase efficiencies with a web to print capability

It is absurd these days to even think of running a business that is not leveraging the power of the internet.  Enlightened print buyers and print service providers use the internet in their purchasing and ongoing communications to achieve high quality printed products. Now integrate this capability with the ability to monitor your printed inventory and you really have a powerful tool at your disposal.
Just by having a secure web portal for your inventory that you can monitor, you can interact with and place orders with your print service provider on your timetable, not on the provider’s business hours. If they are really savvy, the print service provider will integrate the ordering portal with their preflight and production system, to process the order faster.
So remember… “Web to Print on Demand”… It may just catch on and you will be able to say that you saw it first here!
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Audrey Ferrante
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