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You’ve heard of variable data printing,Variable_data_printing
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Variable data printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing where each printed piece — text, graphics and images can be changed from one printed piece to the next.

It has been around for years and from the beginning, it was used in transactional printing environments. Today, variable data printing is utilized in all facets of business, from promotional personalized communications, direct marketing, customer relationship management, on-demand printing to multi-channel campaigns. More and more businesses add variable data printing to their direct mail campaigns because it helps maximize response rates and minimize costs.

A godsend to many businesses, maybe even yours

Variable data printing has become a godsend to many businesses. That’s because it helps them save on printing, mail services and postage. When done correctly, variable data printing has been proven to garner a healthy response rate of 5% while allowing businesses to cut their mailing lists by one half. With a benefit like that you would actually get a larger return on investment from your marketing program, and your salespeople would get a higher percentage of inquiries turning into sales. All this is possible just by adding variable data printing to your media mix.

Advances to technology and variable data printing

Although variable data printing has been around for years, recent advances in technology have increased its capabilities and effectiveness. It has always allowed for the placement of a name, address, number or even a greeting within a marketing piece to assist in piquing the reader’s interest, resulting in a much higher ROI.  But now, technology has allowed it to completely redefine direct marketing strategies by letting businesses inject an almost unlimited amount of personalization into their marketing materials. With this ability to form an even more personal connection with your audience, you have in your arsenal one of the most powerful strategies any marketer can possess.

It also helps you see how your campaign is doing

In addition to allowing you to develop and create highly personalized direct mail campaigns, variable data printing also gives you the ability to evaluate a campaign’s effectiveness. One way it lets you do this is by encouraging recipients to go to a personalized website (PURL) for more information, which lets you easily track visits and results. Variable data printing also lets you send out campaigns in smaller stages, giving you the opportunity to evaluate the results, and then decide if the campaign will be cost effective if deployed on a larger scale.

The more the merrier with variable data printing

Variable data printing has long taken the lead in direct marketing processes, but now that web presses are capable of printing thousands of personalized messages at a time, it can play an even greater role. This is important because as the volume of your business competition increases, it’s essential that your marketing efforts get every opportunity to succeed.  Whether it’s a mailer, catalog, signage, 3D packaging, sales packet or a basic label, variable data printing gives you that opportunity by enabling you to deliver high-quality output at prices comparable to traditional offset printing.

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