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Print Buyers Beware: where has all the printer’s paper gone?

The long and the short of printers paper shortages. In case you haven’t been affected by it yet, printers paper is in short supply. This troublesome fact is good to know, because before you get too far planning an upcoming…

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Digital print has sure grown up

Digital print has changed. Once the stepchild of offset printing, turned to only for quickie short-run jobs, today it offers a slew of capabilities that meet and at times exceed those of some offset printing presses. For example, a digital web…

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Questions about direct mail marketing persist

Direct mail marketing has been around for 150 years. Direct mail marketing has has been around a long time, but it has evolved. You do things differently today compared to how you did them when you were younger. It is…

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5 tips on digital print design when you need digital printing

Digital print design needs are different Both offset and digital printing give you a quality finished product. So why should you choose one over the other? You don’t, if it is a print job where thousands of impressions are needed. Then,…

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The touchy-feely side of marketing direct mail

Marketing direct mail – don’t count it out Digital is all well and good, but it doesn’t necessarily replace the touch and feel of real-life marketing direct mail. Think of it this way: would you rather eat a thick juicy…

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Direct mail marketing undeliverable mailings

Do your direct mail marketing mailers come back labeled UAA? Many direct mail marketing materials are returned because they don’t have the exact address information needed in order for them to be delivered. If there’s even the smallest mistake, they wind…

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Make Waves with Custom Packaging at Your Next Event

Trade show and conference goers are inundated… they’re inundated with sights, sounds, smells (good and bad) and an overwhelming array of promotional giveaways. Guess which ones they want most? The stuff that’s wrapped in cool, innovative, eye-catching corrugated custom packaging….

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5 Steps to Preparing Your Printing Files

You’ve got a big print job and you’re crossing your fingers that everything goes smoothly. Before you send your print-ready files to your printer, the first thing you should do is have a conversation with your printer. Even if you…

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The Effect of Color Psychology in Design

There’s a reason transportation gurus around the world use the color red for stop signs. Not only does the brain see it immediately, but red has also been a longtime signal of “danger.” Likewise, yellow has always symbolized “caution.” Apply…

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5 Ways I Build Trust in My Printing Business

There’s absolutely no way a business can succeed if it doesn’t have the trust of its customers. For me, trust is what keeps my printing business in business. Think about it: What compels you to call on the same plumber…

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