With strategy tactics it pays to think before you act.

Strategy-tacticsSuccess often comes down to strategy tactics.

Far too many companies fall short in the area of strategy tactics. This happens because they are chomping at the bit to get their word out to customers and prospects, instead of stopping and planning a proper course of action. In a big hurry to proclaim the wonderfulness of their products and services, they falsely think that planning is too difficult or not as important as the tactical side of marketing.

Planning is a big part.

When done correctly, planning allows businesses to define and outline the objectives they want to achieve. During the planning phase, you as a business owner or manager figure out why and what you want to gain with your stated objectives. You also need to put a team in place that will carry out the tactics that your plan calls for.

Tactics are the get-it-done part of your strategy.

With a thorough plan in place, it is time to release the hounds, which come in the form of pre-determined specific actions. They consist of what needs to be accomplished, in what sequence, and which tools and staff will handle each tactic or action. The plan could call for a company-wide effort or just employ a department or two. It could even include suppliers or distributors. Whatever the combination, it is all for a common good—more awareness, more leads, more sales.

Marketing PlanBefore strategic tactics comes strategic planning.

Here is what is needed to do in the simplest of terms—

  • What results do you want to achieve?
  • Once attained, how will you measure them?
  • When will the program kick off?
  • Have you researched your competition, your market, etc.?
  • Do you have buy-in from all stakeholders?

Now for the tactical side of strategic tactics.

Again, here is what is needed to do in the simplest of terms—

  • Always keep in mind the goals set during planning
  • Plans need to be sized right for an organization’s resources
  • Enlist staff closest to the action to carry out the plan
  • Make sure the tactics will attain the desired results

When all is said and done, remember this about strategic tactics: strategic is the what and the why, and tactical is the how.

Best of Days to You,

Audrey Ferrante
Ferrante & Associates, Inc.


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