Personalized URLs are NOT the magic “success” button!

Adding pURLs (Personalized URLs) to your direct marketing campaigns?

It has been interesting to watch the ongoing discussions about the use of pURLs (personalized URLs) and how many say that the usage of them will increase your response rates by double digits. I DON’T believe that. So there, I’ve said it. What REALLY brings double digit response rates are strong messaging, great execution and a well defined target market. The pURL is only the enabler for the response from the initial outbound effort, whether it is from using email or variable data print (VDP). The added value of the pURLs personalized URLs is that it provides for the “real time” feedback on how the campaign is progressing and the reaction is of the responder. When you combine it with a response outbound such as email, it is a powerful tool for marketers to use to satisfy their customers’ goals for the campaign.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

A cross-media campaign that includes print, email, pURLs, and social media can be a VERY powerful campaign…PROVIDED the messaging, execution, and market segment definition is well defined. People forget that it is NOT the media that makes the message, it is the message that makes the success! Don’t be one of those who forget this. By remembering these fundamentals, you can develop strategies and cross-media campaigns that can succeed beyond your wildest expectations.

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