Print On Demand helps put you in command

Print_On_DemandPrint On Demand is a close relative of web-to-print.

I recently wrote a blog about web-to-print programs, and how they help users to better monitor and manage their print inventories. Well, I’d like to continue the conversation with a close relative of web-to-print—Print On Demand.

Print On Demand is ideal for all enterprises that use printed materials, which means it’s for everyone. It lets you order printed products through a secure web portal. It also lets you perform automatic pre-flight and scheduling. At the end of the day, print On Demand is an incredibly efficient and effective way for both the print buyer and the print service provider to process orders.

With Print On Demand, the requestor, typically the print buyer, controls the beginning of the print order transaction. And this applies to all printing, both digital and offset. Providing access to the print ordering system from the print buyer’s desktop (or laptop) makes life a lot easier. It simplifies the ordering process, because users can request a quote or a print job any time of the day, anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.

Print On Demand reduces inventories and obsolescence

As print run length requirements continue to drop, Print On Demand becomes a more appealing service. It allows you to reduce inventory costs and wastage. It also lets you create a central repository for your documents. Organizing and publishing the latest version of important business and marketing materials in an easy to access manner also helps to eliminate errors in the ordering and processing of your printed products.

Lower costs even further by going digital

As I mentioned earlier, Print On Demand helps you reduce inventories and obsolescence, whether you’re going offset or digital. But did you know that by going digital, you can save even more?

Here’s how going digital helps to lower costs—

  • Smaller quantity orders
  • Reduced inventories and obsolescence
  • Streamlined inline folding, collation and finishing operations
  • Faster delivery times
  • Targeted messaging

Digital also lets you take advantage of variable data printing

With benefits that include—

  • Personalization based on database variables
  • Variable layout, copy and graphics
  • Increased response rates
  • Reduced quantities with better returns
  • Methods to evaluate campaign’s effectiveness

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