A direct mail campaign can be quite effective

A direct mail campaign for inexpensive targeting A direct mail campaign is an effective tool for many small businesses for two reasons. It is a great way to target an audience and it is not all that expensive to create….

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Commercial print solutions moving at the speed of light

Among the many commercial print solutions raising the bar today are high-speed inkjet printers. Before you automatically think of the inkjet printer on your desktop or in the office where documents that were printed from a desktop computer wind up,…

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Personalized print enjoys higher responses

Personalizing print enjoys higher responses Wikipedia sums up the notion of personalized print best: personalized print is possible with variable-data printing (VDP). VDP is a form of digital printing, including on-demand printing, in which elements such as text, graphics and images…

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Mailing marketing programs during an election year

Do mailing marketing programs get your vote in this presidential campaign? How effective are a company’s mailing marketing efforts during an election year? Especially in one like this year’s, where we’ll either elect our first-ever female or our first-ever billionaire…

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Business growth strategies that improve ROI

One of the best business growth strategies is to get your sales and marketing staff talking to one another. Your business growth can come undone if sales and marketing strategies are out of sync. Here are a couple of business growth strategy…

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The touchy-feely side of marketing direct mail

Marketing direct mail – don’t count it out Digital is all well and good, but it doesn’t necessarily replace the touch and feel of real-life marketing direct mail. Think of it this way: would you rather eat a thick juicy…

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Direct mail marketing undeliverable mailings

Do your direct mail marketing mailers come back labeled UAA? Many direct mail marketing materials are returned because they don’t have the exact address information needed in order for them to be delivered. If there’s even the smallest mistake, they wind…

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Marketing trade shows, relevant or passé

Marketing trade shows rock on, they really do No one would deny that technology is here to stay. Especially when it comes to marketing and sales. But so are marketing trade shows. They’re not going anywhere, and with good reason. The…

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Brand Identity Information – is it easy to find?

Promoting your brand identity delivered effectively One of the biggest tasks of marketers is to help customers get and find information that promotes their brand identity. Imagine if you knew the most effective ways to do this? Well, you’re going…

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Make trade show marketing work for you

Making your trade show marketing work for you is an important part of B-to-B marketing strategy for many companies. In fact, about 18% to 25% of a typical B-to-B marketing budget is allocated to exhibiting at trade shows. But just setting up a booth…

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