Make Waves with Custom Packaging at Your Next Event

Trade show and conference goers are inundated… they’re inundated with sights, sounds, smells (good and bad) and an overwhelming array of promotional giveaways. Guess which ones they want most? The stuff that’s Event_custon packagingwrapped in cool, innovative, eye-catching corrugated custom packaging. So that’s what you need to give them at your next event. Custom packaging is one great solution because they’ll remember you – and that’s every marketer’s dream.

In the past, brands flooded trade shows and conferences with not-so-fancy pens and keychains. Sure, these are still giveaway grabs because people love freebies. But it’s 2015 and they’re expecting to be wowed. So fortunately or unfortunately, appearances matter. Yes, that means they’re absolutely judging a book by its cover.

Pinterest-Worthy product Custom Packaging

With all the effort (and money!) put into product custom packaging, marketers cross their fingers that event-goers don’t toss them into the nearest trash barrel or recycling bin. From a budget standpoint, case_emprix_newpackage_popyou want custom design to be cost-effective, intriguing and branded. Think quality over quantity.

On the left is an example of a branded SBS paperboard box and DVD custom package that could easily be developed for your next trade shows or conference.

So how do you make your product packaging ideas stand out without breaking your budget? That’s where a packaging company can help.


Some ideas to consider:

  • Packaging with specialty finishes
  • Custom packaging that influences buying decisions
  • Branded corrugated box design housing your product
  • Interactive, engaging, out-of-the-box gadgets that’ll keep them talking about your brand

As marketers continue to fight for eyeballs and, ultimately, loyal customers, the battle to be relevant, cool and cooler is going to get even fiercer. Partnering with a company that can help you make really big waves should be part of your strategy.

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