Mailing marketing programs during an election year

Mail-Marketing-Election-2016Do mailing marketing programs get your vote in this presidential campaign?

How effective are a company’s mailing marketing efforts during an election year? Especially in one like this year’s, where we’ll either elect our first-ever female or our first-ever billionaire reality TV star President.  This is an important question because as a business person you have to wonder if your message will get noticed, with all of the noise and all of the flyers mailed out during this year’s campaign. Not only is there an onslaught of mail to contend with until Election Day, which is November 8, but then you have to consider all of the holiday mail that adds to the volume sent to businesses and consumers.

Mailing-marketing-programsBefore you throw your hands up in the air and surrender, consider this: more and more politicians are utilizing other media outlets such as social media, radio, telephone and television to get their word out. This shift is reducing mail volume compared to previous election cycles. Both Clinton and Trump are using media like Twitter to make their feelings known to voters. Television also plays a big role for both campaigns.

It’s safe to say that with fewer campaign flyers jamming up mailboxes, recipients are more likely to pay attention to your mail. In addition, these days people are more adept at processing lots of information. As election day draws closer, they’re more than ready to tune out the promises of either candidate in favor of a message and an offer from a business they trust. So don’t let your mailing marketing programs take a back seat during this election year.

A funny thing happened when I was going through my archive of blogs the other day; I ran across another blog that also delved into the world of politics. It explained how marketers can do a better job of selling their products and services if they look at how politicians sell themselves. If you’re interested in reading it, here’s the link to Marketing Ideas: Courtesy of the Elephant and Donkey

Don’t forget to vote on November 8th!

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