Is participating at trade shows a sound investment?

TradeShows_and_EventsExhibiting at trade show events isn’t cheap.

Which is why many of us are asking ourselves if participating at a trade shows is a sound investment. Better to find out before the event than after the costly trade show is over!

Trade shows can play an important role in promoting your business. You know that participating at trade shows is good for your company. But how can you figure out which events will provide you with the greatest return on your investment? Below are a few tips and facts to help..

Getting to know the audience profile tells you a lot.

What is the attendee profile of the event you’re considering participating in? As a potential exhibitor, it’s important to ask questions like, “Are the attendees decision makers?” “What are the attendee’s role in the company? Managers? Directors? C-Suite?” “What industries are represented?” “How many attendees will be at the event?”

The answers to these questions can give you a much clearer idea of whether or not a proper percentage of the attendees sync up with your target market, and therefore are more likely to be bona fide leads that you can convert to sales and customers.

Does speaking at a trade show event help you?

Most events feature sessions where speakers can educate attendees on an industry topic, or talk about their company and the industry. This grows brand awareness for your company, and also showcases your leadership and credibility in front of an important audience. So before exhibiting at an event, see if you can be a speaker. It’s sure to speak volumes about you and your company. It also will help you get more from your investment.

Make sure you know who your “neighbors” are.

Before throwing your hat into the ring, find out what other companies will be exhibiting at the event. It’s important to connect your company to other reputable, relevant industry names. Because terrific exhibitors attract terrific attendees. Also, investigate what events other companies in your industry are participating in. If the competition is signing up to exhibit at an event, it’s a good sign that you should be, too.

Exhibit at the right trade shows, and good things are sure to happen.

Relationship building is key to business success.  Being seen on the floor of the right trade shows is an effective way for you to get the right audience drawn to your booth and to your products or services.

Here are some more facts to mull over —

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (“CEIR”) studies trends in the exhibition business.

Among the CEIR’s recent findings:
  • More than three-quarters of all qualified attendees are potential customers for exhibiting companies.
  • 54% of all attendees travel more than 400 miles and 31% travel over 200 miles.
  • The number of attendees in the first three months of 2008 (the most recent period studied) was up 2-1/2% from the same time the year before.

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