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Multimedia_CampaignsMultimedia technology is the means. Outstanding marketing results are the end.

If you’ve been looking for an expert resource to leverage the latest in multimedia presentation technology to exceed your marketing expectations, from a creative PowerPoint presentation to a full scale interactive multimedia show – we can create it, and everything in between. Our multimedia services and capabilities include complete audio video production and editing, video compression for streaming media and downloadable media, CD-Rom and DVD creation, encoding and authoring, sound editing, digital composing from still photography and moving media, logo creation/enhancement, 2D/3D animation, character animation and more. We’ll combine graphic design with animation, video and special effects with user interactivity: it’s all fully scalable to meet your budget and your objectives.

Ferrante & Associates multimedia capabilities:

  • Create a dazzling multimedia trade show presentation, corporate broadcast or educational video
  • Marketing Mobile
  • Download your websites for demonstrations
  • Convert manuals and catalogs to electronic formats
  • Digital video and interactive media
  • Small scale video taping, useful for small room presentations, discussions or ceremonies

We have a variety of professional multimedia services available to help, services like media management and planning, media consultation, project management, producing/directing, pre-production services and full-service production. You can select one or combine them to suit your needs and budget.