Implementing a web to print program

web-to-print FerranteWeb to print programs provide huge savings and more!

Have you heard of the term web to print programs? If you haven’t, not to worry, because you’re not alone. Web to print program is the term used to describe an integrated web-enabled marketing, print and fulfillment program.  It’s designed to improve efficiencies, reduce waste, strengthen brand, and lower costs associated with sustained marketing, training and/or sales support activities directed toward customers, dealers/distributors, international offices, a direct sales network and other channels.

Keep your eye on priorities, not on sales literature.

With a web to print program in place, you can automate the kind of ongoing activities that, although important, frequently tend to interrupt your workflow and take attention away from the more pressing things you need to accomplish. It’s a fact, a web to print program lets you and your staff focus on other priorities while still getting the most up-to-date sales, marketing or training materials—even translated collateral—into the hands of customers, dealers/distributors and overseas offices.

Here are the types of companies and organizations that can benefit the most from having a web to print program.

  • International and/or multi-division corporations with a large network of dealers/distributors to support with marketing/sales materials
  • Pharmaceutical or medical equipment companies that supply marketing and training support materials or samples to hospitals and physicians
  • Trade associations looking to add more value to their member benefits in order to build and maintain membership

Web to print programs can help companies and organizations:

  • Streamline print production and fulfillment processes
  • Provide customers and sales channels with the most up-to-date collateral and training materials in just the quantities they need
  • Contain production costs by eliminating print overruns and obsolete literature
  • Better manage branding across multiple divisions and international offices
  • Reach markets faster and for less with precisely targeted e-mail campaigns
  • Support international customers/offices/distributors 24/7
  • Obtain full visibility of program costs and activities for ROI and forecasting with comprehensive, available-on-demand reporting tools
  • Reduce the time and cost of program administration
  • Turn a company’s literature costs into a profit center.

For a service you many not know much about, it sure can do a lot.

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