Creative marketing ideas and strategies

Creative marketing ideas and strategies to help promote your business

Creative_Marketing IdeasComing up with creative marketing ideas and strategies to promote your business is easier than you think. Begin by brainstorming with some of your managers and employees. By picking the brains of folks who are closely tied to your business you’ll develop ideas and strategies that are in sync with your business and embody your key values and messages. Before scheduling your think session, I’d like to give you a head start with some creative marketing ideas and strategies that could help.

Let’s begin with your website

Websites are the primary way people find out about the products and services they’re looking to purchase. Create content on your website that has both an identity—the human element of your content’s voice, and a direct benefit—what the audience gains out of your content. When you create content that incorporates these two important qualities, customers and prospects will feel they know and trust your business, and therefore be more inclined to purchase something from you.

Adding content marketing to your media mix

Recently I came across a statement by Robert Rose published in Content Marketing Institute. “Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.” So what is Content Marketing? It is the link between awareness and lead generation.

Content Marketing is the new way for businesses to succeed. It starts with awareness or buzz by companies developing compelling content through all stages of the buying cycle . Too often, companies are still creating “spray and pray” campaigns using generic content that  speaks only to a broad audience. Content marketing, also known as one to one marketing, is most effective when it’s written, designed and distributed for a specific recipient.

Effective content marketing requires

  • First, define your targeted audience
  • Then determine what information these prospects need and how they like to receive it.
  • Next, develop a distribution strategy using thoughtful integrated cross-media online and offline efforts.
  • Last, track and measure results.

Make sure you include Social Media

Marketing is about your identity and benefits. Social media is having others talk about you and do it for you. Just your website is not enough today. Without fresh content constantly, a company’s marketing program cannot perform at its best.

Author, author…

Another creative marketing strategy is to write articles pertaining to your industry and get them published in trade or local magazines. Not only is it less costly than running advertising in the same publications, but it’s also more valuable because it presents you as an industry expert,  someone worth turning to for a product or service. Also think about writing and publishing online articles. Not only are they a great way to get your word out, but they provide good backlinks to your website.

Speech, speech…

The first several ideas focused on the written word. Here’s one that emphasizes words that are spoken—speak at seminars or teach workshops. Both are excellent for getting publicity, thanks to your being part of the event or class. While we’re on the subject of events, why not host a free one at your place of business or at an appropriate venue? Local journalists and reporters are always looking for interesting stories, so give them what they want, and get some free publicity in the process.

And the award goes to…

Another simple but effective creative marketing strategy is to enter award competitions that honor product and service achievements related to your industry. If you win, you get a plaque to “hang” on your website and the increased sales that come from the honor. Even if you don’t get top prize, you can still get publicity if you place high enough, by boasting about your participation in the competition.

Nothing beats word of mouth

Perhaps the easiest creative marketing idea and strategy to make use of is to ask customers for testimonials and reviews. This includes online reviews on websites like Yelp, recommendations on LinkedIn, and enthusiastic comments through other channels. Once you assemble some good ones, create a testimonials page on your website, and use the best of the bunch in as many promotions as makes sense.

Easy, peasy

As you can see, creative marketing ideas and strategies aren’t that difficult to come up with or to put into action. Best of all, they’ll help you promote your business more effectively, helping generate more sales.

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