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Print Buyers Beware: where has all the printer’s paper gone?

The long and the short of printers paper shortages. In case you haven’t been affected by it yet, printers paper is in short supply. This troublesome fact is good to know, because before you get too far planning an upcoming…

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Digital print has sure grown up

Digital print has changed. Once the stepchild of offset printing, turned to only for quickie short-run jobs, today it offers a slew of capabilities that meet and at times exceed those of some offset printing presses. For example, a digital web…

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Why printing companies are adopting G7

G7 as it relates to printing companies and buyers A few years ago, I wrote a Newsletter called “Why G7 matters when shopping for commercial printing services” on the important subject of G7, which helps printing companies deliver a repeatable…

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Media buying in today’s complex world of integration

Media buying isn’t what it used to be It wasn’t that long ago that there weren’t many media buying choices. There were print, broadcast, direct mail and outdoor. Today, there are so many that marketers are like kids in a candy…

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Commercial print solutions moving at the speed of light

Among the many commercial print solutions raising the bar today are high-speed inkjet printers. Before you automatically think of the inkjet printer on your desktop or in the office where documents that were printed from a desktop computer wind up,…

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Business growth strategies that improve ROI

One of the best business growth strategies is to get your sales and marketing staff talking to one another. Your business growth can come undone if sales and marketing strategies are out of sync. Here are a couple of business growth strategy…

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Brand Identity Information – is it easy to find?

Promoting your brand identity delivered effectively One of the biggest tasks of marketers is to help customers get and find information that promotes their brand identity. Imagine if you knew the most effective ways to do this? Well, you’re going…

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Powerful marketing words

Powerful marketing words prove that the pen is mightier than the sword. Powerful marketing words turn prospects into customers. Interestingly, there are times when the powerful word can be as innocuous as “because.” Here’s proof—  A study done recently by…

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Online business marketing takes a big leap forward

Augmented Reality puts the WOW! into online business marketing Online business marketing utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) is catching the eye of more and more marketers of printed promotions. And with good reason. It’s unbelievable from a technological standpoint, and it’s giving…

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With strategy tactics it pays to think before you act.

Success often comes down to strategy tactics. Far too many companies fall short in the area of strategy tactics. This happens because they are chomping at the bit to get their word out to customers and prospects, instead of stopping…

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