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Event Printing Services in Multiple Cities

Dental_Tribune_Logo - Copy The Dental Tribune Internation (DTI) publishing group  is made up of the leading dental trade publishers from around the world. Its combined portfolio consists of more than 100 trade publications that reach over 600,000 dentists in more than 90 countries and 25 languages. newsletter_03_img_01 The DTI’s collective activities also include continuing education programs as well as congresses and exhibitions held in the US and abroad. Its US division, Dental Tribune America (DTA), produces show dailies and magazines which are distributed at a variety of dental meetings across the US and Canada. The show dailies provide informative onsite coverage, including show news, schedules, floor plans and exhibitor lists, along with exclusive interviews and company profiles. The full-color magazines contain numerous in-depth articles, with photos and illustrations describing the latest procedures and equipment in dentistry, which dentists from around the world use to further their educations. 

Always facing countless details, tight deadlines, with no room for error.

newsletter_03_img_02Needless to say, the marketing folks at the DTA have much on their plate. The environment is fast-paced, with multiple shows going on at the same time. Turning up the pressure even more is the fact that the DTA’s dated delivery needs are as demanding as they get. Think newspaper cycle, and you begin to get an idea of the fast and furious pace of things at the DTA. With last-minute content decisions being made, and files needing to be uploaded late in the evening and delivered at the crack of dawn, there aren’t a lot of printers that can handle the head-spinning schedules. Plus in some cases, the dailies come in multiple editions with variables such as cover wraps, perforated inserts and belly wraps, which add to the complexity of the jobs and increase the likelihood of problems. The DTA’s magazines also come with a list of needs requiring a printer that’s ultra-flexible. Usually averaging 48 pages plus cover, the magazines must be distributed to multiple shows across the country under extremely tight deadlines.


Why did DTI select Ferrante & Associates to provide event printing services?

With so much going on, it’s easy to understand how things can and do fall through the cracks. In an effort to eliminate errors, the DTA’s Marketing Director and the company’s Project & Events Manager were fortunate enough to have found Ferrante & Associates. The DTA is involved in 20-25 trade association events each year, producing show dailies for 15 of them. The professionals at Ferrante & Associates handle the printing and delivery of show dailies for many of these gatherings. The tabloid-size show dailies range in length from eight to 48 pages, with quantities from 500 to 2,000, and arrive each day of the show. The DTA’s Project & Events Manager raves about how the team at Ferrante & Associates never lets them down in terms of quality and service, even with the short window of time between when the show daily files are uploaded and when the dailies are printed and delivered. The process begins at 7:00 pm and the materials are delivered to the event by 7:00 am the following day – that’s just 12 hours from start to finish. The full-color DTA magazines range in length from 36 to 52 pages, plus cover. As with the show dailies, the DTA’s staff is always confident that the printing and tight deadline distribution of these magazines are in able hands with Ferrante & Associates, and that the quality of the finished product meets DTA’s high standards.


Ferrante & Associates gives the Dental Tribune plenty to smile about. 

There are many reasons why businesses and organizations such as the DTI and DTA turn to Ferrante & Associates. At the top of the list are the assurance of quality, reliability and superior customer service. Even after nearly a decade of working with Ferrante & Associates, the DTA’s marketing team is still amazed at how their vast experience allows them to anticipate DTA’s needs, ensuring that everything gets done at the highest quality and in the most time efficient manner. They also are elated with how Ferrante & Associates follows up on each and every project. And how Ferrante’s people are there day and night, weekday or weekend to answer calls and make certain that everything remains on track. At the end of the day, or in the case of event printing services, at the beginning of the day, the folks at the DTA know that thanks to Ferrante & Associates, the materials they ordered will be waiting for them on time in the morning when they arrive at their booth. And they wouldn’t trade in that peace of mind for anything. You can be sure that when you hand off a project to Ferrante & Associates everything will get done just as promised, and that their knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail will have you grinning from ear to ear, too.