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Branding and marketing materials

Unidesk, a startup company developing a virtual desktop management platform for VDI desktops in data centers, PCs and notebooks, needed marketing materials. Ferrante & Associates was contacted to help with the branding and development of the company’s marketing materials and website. The objective was to help create the logo, stationery, bus cards, data sheets, PowerPoint and website. The materials needed to be developed in template format so that in future the company could customize them internally on an as-needed basis  .


Developed standardized brand identity  guidelines

UniDeskUD color pg 1 [Converted]Starting with the logo, we worked closely with Unidesk developing the overall brand “look and feel” plus corporate color palette. Once the logo was approved, the stationery and business cards were developed, along with templates for the corporate data sheets and PowerPoint presentations. It was important that the website be developed with a content management system that the internal IT department could use to easily add pages and completely manage internally. We recommended Joomla. Once the site content and functionality were completed, Unidesk was provided with Joomla training and support.


Brand clarity plus a wide spectrum of integrated custom marketing tools

The results of this branding and marketing materials program were very successful.  Not only did Unidesk receive the brand clarification and tools it needed, it also received the ability to manage the site internally, leading to future cost efficiencies and the pivotal advantage of internal IT management capabilities.