Break out your Crystal Ball – three Marketing Predictions for 2012

Marketing Predictions for 2012

Prediction One
With deal sites like Groupon, Quanza and LivingSocial growing like gangbusters, 2011 was hailed the year for the Daily Deal. What about the marketing predictions of 2012? Well, it looks like some of the smaller deal sites will drop out or be swallowed up by the big guys. What’s that mean for you? A lot fewer Daily Deals jamming your inbox. From here, that sounds like a pretty good deal.
Prediction Two
Email is here to STAY. While many consider email old school, it still does one WHALE of a job communicating. It may not be bleeding-edge, but it’s a tried and true marketing communication channel. When all is said and done, email still produces positive, cost-effective results, giving marketers an efficient way to connect with customers and prospects.

Prediction Three
The marketing predictions of channels are growing in numbers and complexity. Tracking results will become more important than ever. Your investments, both in technology and marketing, require you to gain a better understanding of which areas in your marketing mix are more effective than others. To get a sense in the coming year, and in subsequent years, you must set goals and put in place strategies that are aligned.

To ensure that your marketing efforts are more predictable, we suggest no matter which media channels work best for you, remember to always make sure your marketing message is clear, to the point and always includes the best way you can be reached.

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