Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing is having a specific conversation with your prospects.

Knowing your target customer is the key to today’s marketing, VIP/variable data printing lets you personalize and customize messages and documents, even those being sent to very large databases. When executed well, direct mail with variable data will speak directly to the viewer instead of traditional printing that only offers one size fits all.

Variable data printing will increase your all-important return on investment by engaging customers and prospects through individualized content. VDP turns your data into focused, one-to-one communications, effectively prompting your audience to action.

Variable data printing offers:

  • Personalization based on database variables
  • Variable layout, copy and graphics
  • Increased response rates
  • Reduced quantities with better returns
  • Methods to evaluate campaign’s effectiveness

Since 1988, New England’s Boston based Ferrante & Associates has provided outsourced marketing services to companies big and small. Our full service integrated marketing campaigns deliver targeted messages to segmented markets for B2B and B2C businesses, non-profits and associations to help them take advantage of the full potential of direct mail variable data print campaigns.